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NEW05thNov-2008: Posting of LDCE passed JTOs as TES Group-B: Thanks to our General Secretary Com.G.L.Jogi, 95% of SNEA members as assured by our GS, who had passed LDCE exam held in July-2007 had been accommodated in Maharashtra, We are also thankful to our Dashing AGS Com.M.S.Adasul who had spared his very very valuable time from E2 to E3 Training schedule and joined and led SNEA MH team to GS at Delhi on 2nd October 2008 to plead very strongly the posting of SNEA members in Maharashtra, All deserving cases of DOT recruited and BSNL recruited JTOs which were given to CS and AGS have been given parent Circle, still some of DR GEJTOs cases could not be accommodated, which will remain on the agenda of CS for doing needful, with the blessings of GS, SNEA MH circle is still hopeful of getting changed Circle of some of less fortunate JTOs.

NEW05thNov-2008: Forwarding applications through E mail: GM (Pers) BSNL Corporate office issued instructions to all GMs for sending/forwarding representations/applications of executives for request transfer/ posting through Email and by attaching scanned copy of original applications.
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NEW04thNov-2008: Flash news: 15.50 ars Posting orders of LDCE passed JTOs issued: As was reported on our website, posting orders of LDCE passed executives has been issued.
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NEW04thNov-2008: Pending Vigilance clearance of LDCE passed Executives: BSNL corporate office issued list of 27 JTOs whose Vigilance clearance is still not received, out of them Two are from MH out of which one pallavi athe of Akola has since left the BSNL.
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NEW04thNov-2008: Good news: Posting orders of LDCE passed JTOs to be issued on Today: Yesterday night CS had a telephonic talk with General Secretary SNEA (I) CHQ Com.G.L.Jogi and enquired about long delay in issuing the posting orders of LDCE passed JTOs on TES Group-B posts, GS told that all files work has been cleared today and orders are going to be issued tomorrow i.e. on 4th Nov-08. Despite all odds SNEA CHQ and GS took lot of pains to clear all hurdles brought into the way of posting of LDCE passed JTOs as TES Group-B. CS Congratulated GS in advance for that. We hope that much awaited posting order will be issued by Today evening.
Relieving of Kashmir SDEs: Good news: GS categorically told that all SDEs from Maharashtra who are working and completed their tenure at Kashmir are going to be relieved from Kashmir immediately, from Today onwards, Relieving orders are going to be issued Today itself for all. This was possible only because of GS visit to Kashmir four days back.

NEW04thNov-2008: Great opportunity for BSNL Defaulters to clear outstanding dues: In order to realize huge amount of outstanding dues, MH Circle introduced an special Discount Scheme for limited period upto 31st December-08 as one time measure for defaulter customers of Fixed, WLL and Mobile services to clear their dues and can get their disconnected lines reconnected thereafter.
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NEW03rdNov-2008: Formation of Sales units in SSAs: Director (HRD) BSNL corporate office issued instructions to all Circle heads for forming of formation of 250 to 300 sales teams in various SSAs as per the size of Circle/SSA, Team leader can be of the rank of JTO/SDE/Sr.SDE and 4 to 6 teams should be under one such team leader, each team should consist of 4 to 6 persons of different cadres like P/mech, SrTOA etc. The responsibility of team leader and team will be to sell one of the following products:1) Landline 2) Broadband 3) CDMA, 4) GSM Mobile 5) PCOs 6) Leased Lines.
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NEW03rdNov-2008: Tele Density & Market Share of BSNL: BSNL Corporate office released shocking data regarding Tele Density and Market share of BSNL, Shocking revelations have been disclosed, some of important eye openers for all of us are:
• During Sept-08, over 9 Million Telephone connections has been provided in the entire country, taking the total telephone connections upto 34 Crores and approaching a tele density of over 30%.
• Out of this 9 Million, BSNL has added only 3.67 Lakh Connections during the month and total of 16.47 Lakh connections since April-08 to Sept-08.
• Overall the Growth rate of BSNL during this year is 7th, even below Aircel.
• Market Share of BSNL has been reduced by 0.50% during the month of Sept-08 and is now only 20.91%.
• The total decrease in Market share of BSNL since April-08 is 3.19%.
• The overall Tele density in India is approaching to 30% with highest in Chennai at 93.20% and lowest is at Bihar at 13.39%.
• The Market share of BSNL in WLL is very Good in J & K(99.01),Himachal Pradesh(19.87),Kerala(15.33),Orissa(12.43),Madhya Pradesh(11.31) beside Assam and NE1& NE2 circles where there is no Competition, However it is below 4% at Kolkatta(0.95), Punjab(3.15),A.P(3.32) and Chennai(3.51).
• AS on 30-09-2008, BSNL has 30,122,269 fixed line connections, 4,382,116 WLL fixed, 314,525 Wll Mobile, 39,166,943 GSM Connections, making it a Grand total of 73,985,853 connections. out of total 34 Crore connections
• In fixed Line BSNL has a market share of 78.51, in Wireless BSNL Market Share is 13.91, making a combined total Market share of 20.91%.
Comrades it is high time now have to be very very alert, with this continuous downfall rate (-ve growth) it will be very difficult for BSNL to Survive, it is irrelevant whether we get Navratna status or Not.

NEW02ndNov-2008: E1 to E2 Training, Allotment of Seats: MH Circle Allotted Seats to various SSAs as per their projected demand for E1 to E2 Training to commence from 17-11-08 to 29-11-08 at RTTC Pune in DATACOM Module, another allotment is being made for E1 to E2 training at RTTC Nagpur in WLL Module w.e.from 01-12-08 to 12-12-08.All the Concerned District Secretaries are requested to ensure that eligible candidates in Allotted numbers should be informed and relieved well in advance from your respective Districts so that No seat should remain vacant.
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NEW01stNov-2008: Kind attention all District Secretaries,Programmes of Organizational actions: As decided by the United Forum of executives of BSNL/MTNL on the issue of immediate repatriation of executives from BSNL/MTNL to DOT Saving gram campaign by Branches/SSAs/Circles to be send on Today addressed to: Hon’ble Minister of Communication & IT, Department of Telecommunication, DOT(HQs), Sanchar Bhavan, 20, Ashoka Road, New Delhi-110001. Text of the saving gram:
“United Forum of BSNL/MTNL Executives’ Associations express serious discontentment & resentment against non completion of Gr ‘A’ officers’ absorption in BSNL/MTNL. Strongly demands repatriation of BSNL/MTNL Executives to DoT. Delay in absorption process is adversely affecting the viability of BSNL/MTNL.”

NEW31stOct-2008: Posting of SDEs on promotion as Adhoc DE: MH Circle office issued posting orders of 7 TES Group-B officers on their Adhoc Promotion in STS category as DE in the same division in which they were doing officiating DE or were working as SDE. SNEA MH Circle Thanks CGMT MH Circle & GM (HQ) MH Circle for issuing posting orders without any disturbance and congratulates all the 7 officers on their Promotion and posting.
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NEW31stOct-2008: Alert on usage of 1GB of Broadband: DGM Broadband DNW Circle had issued circular for the knowledge of all officers that for the convenience of Customers using multiplay Broadband network of BSNL, an Alert page will appear after the use of 1 GB free broadband usage in Home 350 plan w.e.from 29/10/08 it already successful tested and implemented for combo plan of 199/- further use of Broadband only can be made after putting correct username and password and clicking on I agree. SNEA MH circle welcomes such customer friendly technology related efforts.
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NEW30thOct-2008: Quota paid by Districts: Circle Treasurer Com.P.N.Patil complied the data of quota collected upto date from various districts, All the District Secretaries/Treasurers are requested to go through the Attached list and pay your pending circle and CHQ quota upto Oct-08 immediately. CHQ Treasurer Com.H. Mutthu is also going on to release Quota payment details within next three to four days.
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NEW29thOct-2008: Extension of last date of option for ITS officers: BSNL corporate office further extended date of Option for ITS officers which was previously 16th OCT to 31st OCT 2008, However there is no change in submitting the same to corporate office that remains to be 3rd Nov-2008 the same is to be submitted to DOT before 6th Nov-2008.
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NEW28thOct-2008: E2 to E3 Training, seats allotted for next quarter: ALTTC Gaziabad allotted seats for different Circles at different Training centers, Demand from Maharashtra was projected for 571 seats; in the next quarter i.e. from Jan 09 to March-09 total seats allotted to MH are 276. Total seven full batches of 38 in each has been allotted, they are 1) from 29th December-08, 2) 12th Jan-09, 3) 27th Jan-09,4) 9th Feb-09, 5) 9th Feb-09 (IInd) 6) 9th March-09, 7) 23rd March-09 plus 10 extra in 23rd Feb-09 batch along with Rajasthan. It has been assured that by the end of next quarter i.e. Sept-09 all the candidates will be able to complete E2 to E3 Training.
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